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Private Apartment India

Private Apartment India

Lighting of Private Apartment India by LM5P !

A minimalist appartment with sleek lines in the Marseille area

The lighting has been designed to highlight the materials used in the construction of this modern flat.


All the products use LED technology, combining the technical performance of this type of light source with the design of contemporary lighting products.


In the kitchen, the suspension above the worktop offers a lighting design adapted to the uses and needs of the inhabitants.


The choice of flush-mounted spotlights without collar, with recessed source for the bathroom part, ensures lighting comfort avoiding any luminance phenomenon and glare for the user.


Finally, note the lighting signature for the Italian-style shower with peripheral installation, highlighting the cladding material chosen by the project owner.



Lighting Designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes


Photo credit: Denis Dalmasso


Brands used: XAL, Arkoslight, Luce&Light, Otylight