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Auchan Shopping Center

Auchan Shopping Center

LM5P highlights the new Auchan La Seyne sur Mer Shopping Centre !

LM5P highlights the new Auchan La Seyne sur Mer Shopping Centre.

«The “philosophy” of the project is held by one theme: the sea.

The main aim, in agreement with the municipality, was to open the gallery to the outside (shop windows will be visible from the road), to give space to pedestrians and bicycles, to create streets, real exchange routes, social links in the image of a small town in short. An attractive and convivial place. This is the “Happy life” spirit.

The main mall is bathed in natural light thanks to the installation, 13 metres high, of a large atrium. Two outdoor plots with wooden floors and facades, which house the restaurant terraces, contribute to this impression .

The extension has an additional thirty-one (45 in total over the entire gallery), including three restaurants. The existing part has been refurbished in the same spirit.

On the parking side, there is a three-level “silo” car park with a total of 665 spaces. The third level is located on the roof, in the open air. Here too, the architects wanted to contrast with the classic car parks, emphasising the colours (floor, posts, signage). Pedestrian-only links join the main mall via illuminated conveyor belts…

By car, the main access is via a double ramp (“quite a challenge!”) to the south of the site, from Avenue Marcel-Paul.

Finally, the facade is made of coloured glass strips laid vertically, with a slight rotation. The aim, explains Blaise Périsson, is “to evoke the swell”… The cost of the work is 19 million euros.

Architect: Cardet Huet

Lighting Designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Design office: Katene

Installer: Fauche

Crédit photo :  Denis Dalmasso

Brands used: : SFEL, Otylight, Inverlight, XAL