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Medical Center in Cavaillon

Medical Center in Cavaillon

Lighting of the Medical Center in Cavaillon by LM5P!

Lighting by LM5P of an old EDF rehabilitation building at Cavaillon as a medical centre

The Kaboom Architecture agency entrusted us with the task of lighting the medical centre in Cavaillon, which is out of step, to say the least.


The lighting for this project is as minimalist as possible in order to leave room for the architecture, while providing warm lighting with visual comfort accentuated by indirect lighting and recessed sources.


A word from the architect :


The project consists in rehabilitating a former EDF building into an orthopaedic medical centre.

It consists of several consulting rooms, a treatment room, a secretarial centre and staff premises.

The principle of the project is to create a central island grouping together the reception and secretarial services, around which there is a peripheral circulation system serving all the premises.

The circulation around this island narrows and widens with the flow of traffic, mixing curves and protruding angles, giving rise to outgrowths such as the monumental reception desk or an integrated bench.

At the entrance, an access ramp is created around a small planted garden to ensure access to the building from the car park.

The challenge of this project was to move away from the bland and aseptic setting of traditional medical practices by playing with materials, colours and lighting.

Visual comfort was ensured by indirect lighting and the most discreet lighting possible in false ceilings for the surgeries, and some beautiful wall-mounted or suspended rooms in the reception area and corridors.


Architect:  Laurent Boumendil, Kaboom Architecture

Lighting Designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Crédit photo: Denis Dalmasso

Brands used: Arkosligt, Nobile, Zavaluce