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The new "Bergerie" of LM5P

The new "Bergerie" of LM5P

Highlighting of LM5P's new Bergerie!

Highlighting of LM5P's new Bergerie!


After ten years of activity in the world of lighting, we officially announce the opening of our new “sheepfold”, our new showroom.


We have selected for you more than a hundred indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and solutions from our partner brands of all styles and types, whether decorative, architectural or technical.


We have worked on a coherent and segmented implementation of products in order to guide you in your research and respond effectively to your desires. Indeed, we have created a dark room specially designed for outdoor lighting, in order to capture the different colour temperatures and types of existing light beams.


In addition, in order to offer complete lighting solutions, we have also selected more than fifty lighting control devices (switches, sockets etc.) allowing you to see and touch the different finishes of existing products.


Finally, our entire showroom is controlled by a home automation system in order to present the various lighting control possibilities available to you.


The whole LM5P team remains available to welcome you and present our know-how.


See you soon !


Architect = RED BANANA


Lighting Designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes


Photo Credit = Christophe POZZO DI BORGO