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Le Mistral

Le Mistral

Lighting up the Mistral by LM5P!

The Mistral highlighted by LM5P

The designer Gianni FASCIANI tells us about his work at the Club Le Mistral in Aix-en-Provence.


“This mythical club now boasts artistic references, offering spectacular visual and scenic performances.


I wanted something more than just music on a dance floor… I did something new, I made sets with masterpieces.


I designed an atmosphere with Art-deco vocabulary: order, colour and geometry. A “rich” decoration and a “pure” design with individual style variations of nude bodies and reproductions of pictorial works by Toulouse-Lautrec and Michelangelo. A geometrical, floral, highly stylised repertoire, stained glass windows of silhouettes and figures inlaid in old mirrors… All the motifs are regularly repeated with a constancy which certainly contributes to the unity of the style, but also ends up making the whole thing stunning”.


Architect: Atelier Vielliard and Fasciani architects


Lighting design: Gianni FASCIANI


Installer: D’Achille Entreprise


Photo credit: Christophe POZZO DI BORGO


Brand used: Nobile