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Novotel in Avignon

Novotel in Avignon

Lighting of the Novotel in Avignon by LM5P - Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Lighting of the Novotel in Avignon by LM5P - Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Lighting design of the “Gourmet Bar” located at the Novotel in Avignon by LM5P, Le Mouton à 5 Pattes.


This is a total reorganisation of the concept of the “Gourmet bar” of the Novotel in Avignon.


In order to attract customers from outside the hotel, the Red Banana agency had the idea of proposing different atmospheres to meet the expectations of a varied clientele.


With a Scandinavian and industrial orientation, the choice of decoration allows to create a warm and friendly universe. The noble material of wood, combined with the raw materials used in the building are emphasised by leather-coloured or light-coloured furniture, allowing a coherent style to be maintained.


The presence of numerous retro accessories such as gramophones, cameras or old telephones reinforce the vintage side of the room.


From a lighting point of view, we have thought about general lighting with rail-mounted spotlights for their finesse and modernity that perfectly fit the raw ceiling as well as minimalist recessed spotlights.


The decorative lighting is made with natural material suspensions and brass and copper wall lights to recall the industrial style.


Architect: Red Banana


Lighting Designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes


Photo credit: Christophe Pozzo di Borgo


Installer: MTO


Brands used: Nobile, Seletti, Idéal Lux