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The Ange Bakery

The Ange Bakery

Illumination of the Boulangerie Ange in Aix en Provence by LM5P !

Lighting of the Ange Bakery chain in Aix en Provence.

Our collaboration with the Ange Bakery chain began in Spring 2019, in association with the architectural firm Designer Studio and the architectural firm MV2 Architects.


Our goal was to support the national rollout of this dynamic franchise. The challenge of the project was to create a cosy and eco-responsible universe while guaranteeing a gourmet concept.


To do this, we set up various suspensions to ensure the lighting above the dining tables according to their size:

The glass Acorns from Umage, inspired by the small delicate acorns found in majestic oaks.

The larger, gray Bishop hanging lights from Wever&Ducré.


In addition, we also added handmade Graypants pendant lights above the high table. This ensures a sophisticated and warm space with these simple yet chic eco-friendly fixtures.


Then, a touch of originality was brought to the long dining tables with the Tam Tam pendant lights from Marset. A lighting directed and adapted to long spaces. In addition, we integrate into the decor Jooke stools in industrial style.


Finally, on the WC side, we installed a ring from Zava, color “cold white”, in front of the mirror to play with the reflection. A refined result and an optimal light for this often neglected room.



Architect : Designer Studio, MV2 architects

Lighting Designer :LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Photo credit: Christophe Pozzo di Borgo

Brand used: Graypants, Zuiver, Zava, Marset, Wever, Umage

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