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Private Villa Bravo

Private Villa Bravo

Lighting of a contemporary private villa by LM5P - Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Lighting of a contemporary private villa by LM5P - Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Lighting design by LM5P of the villa Bravo, a charming modern villa with swimming pool nestled in the heart of the Provencal countryside.


The treatment desired by the architect and project owner for this villa project was intended to be minimalist and graphic. The emphasis was on “lighting effects” rather than on the luminous decorative object. The entire project is treated with LED lighting.


Inside, LED spotlights with recessed sources improving visual comfort contribute to the architectural lighting atmosphere. The bank of the kitchen is highlighted by a magnificent suspension that is both graphic and ultra-minimalist.


On the outside, the architecture of the house is underlined along the entire length of the house by a continuous line of light. The treatment of the plant masses is carried out with the help of recessed flooring in order to give a verticality that counterbalances the light linearity of the house. A magnificent hundred-year-old olive tree is also enhanced by the same technique. Finally, the patio is lit up with the help of decorative hangings projecting cast shadows that help create an ultra cosy atmosphere while emphasising the stone walls. The entrance is signposted with single-directional bollards that accompany the visitor to the entrance.


The terrace of the house is illuminated by spotlights to create the desired warm atmosphere for the dining area.

Architect : Eric Bertrand – Atelier 16

Lighting Designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Photo credit : Christophe Pozzo di Borgo

Instaler : Multibat

Brands used : Nobile, I Led, Arkoslight, Wever & Ducré