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Cuir Center in Plan de Campagne

Cuir Center in Plan de Campagne

Illumination of Cuir Center in Plan de Campagne by LM5P!

Illumination of the Cuir Center in Plan de Campagne by LM5P - Le Mouton à 5 pattes

LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes, last month lit up the leather campaign plan centre. Its reputation is well established and the company specialises in top-of-the-range furnishings and decoration. Its products displayed in a showroom, recreating scenarios, reflect the importance of adequate lighting for this type of business.


For this project, the intervention of an architect was not necessary, as it involved the complete redesign of the lighting within the shop.


The challenge of this project was to completely rethink the lighting in order to provide the visual comfort required for the staging of the furniture.


To achieve this, we chose to work with LED technology, with a temperature of 3000K. Perfect for shopping, it also allows you to benefit from lower energy consumption, a longer life span and requires less replacement work.


In addition, we decided to opt for a modular solution, i.e. track-mounted projectors from Nobile. The advantage of this type of lighting is the possibility of adding or completely changing the layout of the modules in the event of product rearrangement in the sales area.


The magnetic rail also offers several optical angles, ideal for scenarising a space or creating a product focus.


Finally, the CRI (Colour Rendering Index) was carefully chosen to highlight the illuminated products.



Lighting designer : LM5P – The 5-legged Sheep


Photo credit: Christophe Pozzo di Borgo


Brand used: Nobile