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Workhard at Metabolik by LM5P

Workhard at Metabolik by LM5P

METABOLIK is a new generation of gym that is more like a very high intensity training centre.

Each space is designed so that the training session is a real experience and the immersion is total.

In the “Force” gym the atmosphere is dark, the materials and layout follow the codes of industrial or port areas. The lighting is focused on the machine.

In the “Mobility” room the atmosphere is one of stretching and relaxation with the use of oak or anatomical patterns.

Lighting lines inspired by athletic lanes are suspended from the ceiling to mark the main circulation. The atmosphere is deliberately designed to be electrifying and motivating.

In the “Altitude” room, where athletes train in reduced oxygen conditions, the geometric patterns are reminiscent of modernised ice crystals and are interspersed with dynamic light lines with very cold lighting to get into shape.

On the “Endurance” side, there are spaces where you can challenge your friends with connected bikes and rowers that take their place inside a playful cube shaped light frame.

As for the changing rooms, it’s a leap back in time with a more vintage atmosphere inspired by the gyms of yesteryear. The copper tube is exposed and diverted as a towel dryer or light fixture while perforated photos of sports icons serve as claustras.

Generally speaking, the atmosphere is deliberately brutal in places and we find the use of concrete, raw welded steel, expanded or perforated metal, construction wood such as reworked or stained OSB.


Architect: RED BANANA

Lighting Designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Installer: ABC electricity

Photo credit: Christophe POZZO DI BORGO

Brands used: ES System, Prolicht, il Fanale, Nobile