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Pôdevache Store

Pôdevache Store

Lighting of the Pôdevache store by LM5P !

Lighting of the Pôdevache store by LM5P !

Pôdevache is a brand that combines the world of decoration with that of fashion! The Pôdevache stores offer collections made in France and designed by hand, around a strong visual identity and a chic and original design.


And as they love to assert their personality down to the smallest details, they called upon us, LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes, to make their lighting match their style.


For this project, we wanted to provide lighting that would highlight the various spaces in the store. The objective was to reflect through the lighting, the state of mind of this brand image with a strong and offbeat visual identity.


We therefore opted for LED spotlights from Nobile in 2 different colors, Black & White, to be in harmony with the colors of the walls and ceilings. Indeed, we observe a distinct separation on the latter between the white paint, black paint and black tiles. An original concept specific to the brand, which we wanted to push further through the lighting. The lighting now perfectly matches the colors used on the various walls and ceilings whenever there is a separation.


LED lighting offers many advantages such as


  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Longer life span and less maintenance
  • Significantly improved climate balance due to the reduced heat emission of LEDs
  • It does not emit ultraviolet and infrared rays, so it does not discolor objects and does not damage fabric fibers.



The choice of 3000K light source temperature creates a warm atmosphere. The CRI (color rendering index) has been carefully adjusted in order to keep all the intensity of the materials of the decorative furniture present.

One of the main advantages of the track lighting solution is its modularity. Indeed, all the spotlights can be moved at will and in a simplified way. The signboard can then add or change completely the layout of the modules in case of rearrangement of the products on the sales area.




Lighting designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes

Photo credit: Christophe Pozzo di Borgo

Brand used : Nobile

Architect : aa.agence