5 tips for lighting a theater !

Creator of atmosphere, the lighting holds one of the main roles in a room of spectacle, by taking care of the details and the aspects reveal their importance when the curtain falls !



And to know how to light a school, it’s here !

Top to bottom...

One of the main prerogatives in a theater is the lighting of the access corridors. The challenge is to provide sufficient brightness to illuminate the room as well as this space dedicated to passage. Thus, in order to respond to the problem, positioned in a row of wall lights diffusing a light source up and down, solves the problem !


Watch your step !

The second space of passage of a theater is the central aisle, often equipped with a staircase, when the curtain rises and the lights go out, getting out during a play can be complicated if no marking is present. So marking the edges of the stairs with a luminous stair nosing prevents this kind of inconvenience.


The progressive light...

Another point to consider is the installation of a home automation system allowing the programming of a progressive lighting. Indeed, a soft diffusion after the show reduces the possible glare of the spectators.


Another option...

In addition, there are different options to light the entire room, we can opt for continuous lines running through the entire space or for downlights for a simple lighting !


Let's get creative !

Otherwise, depending on the intended use or the type of show being performed, it is perfectly acceptable to be creative with the lighting and to consider a starry sky !