5 tips for lighting up your kitchen

The kitchen is a privileged place for the preparation of meals and is distinguished by its three main functions: preparing, washing and cooking. Careful lighting is therefore essential for enjoying good meals with family and friends. And to find out how to light up your bathroom, go here!


Functional lighting...

As in most rooms, functional lighting is necessary to avoid visual fatigue. A hanging lamp positioned in the centre of the kitchen is a good solution so as not to waste space.

suspension de trois abat-jours gris

The right light in the right place....

As mentioned above, the main activities of the kitchen are preparing, washing and cooking. The challenge is therefore to light these three parts of the kitchen. By positioning an LED ribbon under a tall unit to illuminate the worktop for example.

ruban led lumineux au dessus du plan de travail d'une cuisine

The decorative...

In order to give a design and modern touch to his kitchen often composed of heavy and imposing rooms. Positioning LED ribbons underneath the furniture gives the feeling that the furniture is levitating. In addition to defining the contours, they add a touch of originality to the general lighting.


ruban led sous des meubles d'une cuisine

Adapted luminaires...

The kitchen is a room that is sensitive to dirt and grease, so it is not advisable to choose lighting fixtures with paper or fabric shades, but rather those made of glass or metal.


suspension seule marron pour une cuisine

For a central island...

Similar to the first council, this time it is a question of highlighting the central island. Favouring beautiful, low suspended luminaires above an island seems to be the right compromise for functional lighting while emphasising the desired element.


alignement de suspensions basses marron au dessus d'un îlot central dans une cuisine