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The Vignerons du Baou

The Vignerons du Baou

Lihtning of the Vignerons du Baou shop by LM5P !

Lihtning of the Vignerons du Baou shop by LM5P !

A word from the interior designer :


“This project consisted in redesigning and redecorating the tasting cellar of the Vignerons du Baou in Pourcieux in the Var.


We designed the project to respond to the client’s desires while taking into account the constraints of the location. As the cellar is located within the production unit itself, the space had to be warm and friendly, but also functional during harvest time!


We chose to offer a warm decoration by opting for a tiled floor with imitation parquet and a strong lighting and graphic design: a mix of Secto wooden hangers of different sizes and shapes, installed at different heights, clearly visible from the entrance, alongside Titan olive green metal hangers, in industrial style, placed above the tasting counter, recalling the ‘production’ side of the place.


The colours: pink and green! Pink, simply because 90% of the wines produced are rosés; and green to symbolise nature, the vine, Provence…


As for the furniture, we offered our customers removable bottle display and storage units on wheels, niches with rounded corners and discreetly integrated spotlights to showcase each of the vintages, a sober and functional white tasting counter, taking up the rounded shapes of the retro patterns of the pink and green tiles delicately lit by an LED ribbon”.


This collaboration gave birth to a beautiful project and a realisation meeting the customer’s expectations!


Lighting Designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes


Photo credit : Stéphane Mommey


Brands used: Secto design, Nobile, Original BTC