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Palais de Justice Monthyon

Palais de Justice Monthyon

LM5P lights one of the most emblematic buildings in Marseille

LM5P lights one of the most emblematic buildings in Marseille

As part of the renovation of the buildings of the Agence Publique pour l’Immobilier de la Justice (APIJ), the Monthyon Courthouse in Marseille has been given a new look. The lighting of the building was entrusted to us by Tangram Architects.


Concerning the interior lighting of the building, the courtrooms benefited from indirect lighting to highlight the ceilings, coupled with direct directional lighting with LED spotlights.


Circulation was treated with linear suspensions installed at different angles, which provides an interesting dynamic in the common areas.


We have added a more decorative touch to the lighting in the meeting rooms (one of which is a rehabilitation of the old library) with large diameter, thin, floating suspension fixtures for the first room and more imposing ones for the second.


Concerning the exterior lighting, we chose a light concept, designed along 3 axes in order to avoid any overloading of light points.

First of all, only the peripheral columns were highlighted with LED linear luminaires in order to keep a focus on the forecourt, illuminated with spotlights.


Finally, we added a colourful touch to the building by highlighting the main dome from the roof with blue LED luminaires.

Architect: Tangram Architects


Design office: Garcia Ingénierie


Installer: Eiffage


Lighting Designer : LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes


Photo credit: Denis Dalmasso


Brands used: XAL, Artemide, Nobile, Ambiance Lumière, Zavaluce, Luce&Light