Lighting Trends !

LM5P - Le Mouton à 5 Pattes is now interested in the latest trends in decoration and lighting !

Bohemian chic...

The bohemian atmosphere is characterised by a bright style punctuated by touches of bright colours. Ideal for creating an interior with a cocooning and cosy spirit, it relies on natural materials. It is therefore not surprising to combine wood and linen together or rattan and brass ! All this is done in order to create a warm atmosphere, suggesting an invitation to travel...

lanterne à suspendre en tissus marron suspendu dans un restaurant

The brass...

Bright and very chic, brass leaves no one indifferent, also associated with the bohemian atmosphere seen above, it is also possible to find brass in other universes such as Art Deco style. Indeed, for some time now, brass has been democratising in our interiors and is taking shape in more design and modern formats. Thin and aesthetic, brass lighting fixtures provide a warm and cosy atmosphere to all the rooms it adorns.

Lampe à poser en laiton dorée carrée et rectangulaire

The Magnetic Rail...

The magnetic rail or "magnetic profile system", has the concept of using magnets to fix the inserts without tools and without effort. Always in vogue in the lighting industry, its major advantages are the freedom of combination and the possibility of individually adjusting the beam angles (see article on the magnetic profile system).


Rails magnétiques accrochés au plafond