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MARSET, moving towards a better world

MARSET, moving towards a better world

At Marset, making luminaires also means taking care of light and its different shades and effects to improve people's quality of life.
What sets Marset apart? Design! And that's where their vocation for good design comes from: making a product with the utmost rigour and innovation that generates beautiful light and can surprise, enthuse and last. And why? So that they can make their contribution to a more sustainable world.
Through good design, Marset aims to transmit its most essential values: quality, technological rigour, innovation, sustainability and authenticity.
In recent years, Marset has established itself as a young brand with a strong international presence and vocation. They like long-lasting and consolidated relationships, not only with clients and designers, but also with their team.
The new frontier of design consists in recovering the essence of a well-made product, with all the soul and authenticity that an object deserves, which will accompany us on this vital journey for some time. To revive the character of objects, of lamps, to enlighten, literally and figuratively, other generations.


If there is one iconic lamp in the Marset collection, it is the Discocó. The new Discocó pays homage to the original: with its new wooden discs, it continues the dramatic play of light and shadow and produces an extremely welcoming light.



Few lamps have made as much noise as « FollowMe ». This bold pioneer of portable lighting has become a design icon in just a few years. Its simple, airy lines, tilting shade and variable light intensity have established it as a beautiful and practical lamp.



The Mercer collection is beautiful and elegant. The fusion of different materials produces a spectacular result as its pure textile shade floats in a transparent blown glass structure, so that the fabric provides a diffuse and delicate light that blends with the sparkling blown glass lamp.