3 tips to light up your living room

LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes has decided to unveil 3 tips to brighten up your living room !


To begin, keep in mind that there are 3 types of lighting in a living room, first of all general lighting, its function is to illuminate the whole room and it is often positioned on the ceiling !


Then there is functional lighting, which is the lighting of a specific area of your living room using a table lamp or a floor lamp for example.


 And finally, decorative lighting, whether diffused or coloured, its function is to add a touch of originality or a certain atmosphere to your room! 

The colour temperature...

Indeed to obtain a warm and cosy atmosphere pay attention to the colour temperature indicated on the packaging of the bulb for this 3000 kelvins is enough !

Gorges lumineuses et spots dans le salon de la villa privée Sigma

Mix the lights !

Try to choose different types of lights and don't just keep spotlights on the ceiling!

Eclairage du salon de la villa privée Lima

Variable lighting...

In order to be able to vary the intensity of your luminosity opt for dimmable lighting that will allow you to nuance the power of your luminosity and thus create the atmosphere you want.


Spots rond encastrés dans le plafond du salon de la villa Alpha