8 tips for outdoor lighting

An essential element on a terrace or in a garden : lighting !


But how do you arrange it ?


It is necessary to take into account a few details in order to optimise our comfort and obtain a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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Night lighting...

The importance of giving importance to the lighting of one's garden reveals its, when night falls. Indeed, in order to make it a pleasant and cosy space, it is essential to determine its contours and to define the spaces to be lit, such as the terrace or the swimming pool. So the first step is to define the circulation areas with a lighting layout plan !

Eclairage de la terrasse avec des spots encastrés et éclairage d'un arbre à l'extérieur de la villa privé Sigma

Indirect lighting...

To add a cosy atmosphere to your garden, indirect lighting is a good solution. This is because the light is not too aggressive, it does not go directly to an element but reflects off a surface. This creates a warm, luminous atmosphere.

Photo de l'extérieur de la villa privée Yankee

Floor lighting....

Design and practical, ground lighting in a garden is used to define the contours of an element such as the vegetation present or to illuminate the steps of a staircase leading to the terrace. It has become a must, and a multitude of lighting effects are possible.


Ligne lumineuse encastrée dans la terrasse de la villa privée Juliette

The lighting of the vegetation...

Offering a wide range of visual perspectives, the plants are illuminated by a directional play of light. When using spotlights or directional spotlights, the beams and lighting power should depend on the size and type of shrub.


Luminous objects...

A good way to illuminate and decorate your garden is to opt for bright objects. As mentioned above, they often provide indirect lighting. In addition to this, there is also a decorative interest, as a real light sculpture for some, there are light objects for all styles.


Nomadic lighting...

Something else we don't necessarily think about is nomadic lighting. Perfect for creating atmosphere, they are often equipped with a handle so that they can be carried. Cordless and rechargeable, many now run on solar energy!


An atmosphere, a style...

Another point that may seem obvious is the importance of defining a decorative atmosphere. In fact, each atmosphere has its own codes in terms of decoration. Since we must not forget that the lights are also visible during the day, aesthetics play a very important role.

Eclairage extérieur de la villa privée Tango

Waterproof luminaires...

It is necessary to think about the watertightness of the luminaire as well as protection from salty air in the event of proximity to the sea, as one of our BEGA partners has planned. Indeed, the weather and the atmosphere can deteriorate the luminaire.