Did you know that ? At LM5P, we also do home automation !

LM5P-Le Mouton à 5 Pattes has been working with home automation for several years to ensure an unbeatable experience for its users. Because combining comfort, security and energy saving, home automation is now an integral part of daily life.


What is home automation?


Home automation covers all the electronic techniques used, whether centralised at home or at work. In other words, it makes it easier to control elements such as shutter closing/opening, lighting optimisation, air conditioning or programming of household appliances from a single control point.


Home automation at home :


Arguing and easy to use, the main advantage of home automation is that it brings real living comfort to its users. In fact, in addition to saving time, this technology makes it possible to remotely program (on a smartphone) several elements of daily life. Since it is possible to plan the opening and closing of its shutters by adjusting them to the rhythm of the sun, control its lighting by playing with the different intensities, or even program its heating and household appliances at a specific time without having to wait until you get home.


Then its second asset is security, since home automation also allows you to monitor your home remotely by means of surveillance cameras via your smartphone.


Finally, another advantage not to be overlooked is the energy savings made by home automation systems. In fact, it represents a reduction of almost 30% in a dwelling since it is possible to monitor its consumption in detail and to draw a clear diagnosis in real time in order to identify losses.


Home automation with LM5P :


LM5P-Le Mouton à 5 Patte undertakes to carry out a precise study of your home and to establish with you a home automation plan in order to meet your needs.

Also a lighting specialist, you will be presented with a lighting plan, aiming to program it playing with intensity, temporality or the different possible scenarios according to your tastes.