Alignement de suspension au dessus des table dans le Restaurant

Hanging lamps illuminate your interior

In the world of decorating, hanging lights are no longer hidden


Here is what you need to find inspiration for your hanging lamps


From trendy restaurants to designer boutiques, the use of hanging lights is becoming more and more widespread. When used in conjunction with other light sources, pendant lights can be combined with recessed spotlights or track lighting.

In the home, too, suspension lighting has become the trend of the moment. It can be found above the dining room table to create a convivial atmosphere, in a bedroom for the cocooning side or in the kitchen to illuminate the work surface.

From now on, the suspension is no longer a simple accessory that is part of a set, it is a decorative element in its own right, an element that allows to dress up the room.

Put forward as a decorative object, its shape and graphics define the atmosphere of the room.


Minimalist hangers


A minimalist decoration is a pure, clear decoration that removes the unnecessary and superfluous.

A minimalist suspension is a simple suspension that renounces all frills, where generally the bulb is apparent.

We can find examples of minimalist suspension light and pure at Wever & Ducré with the Wiro, Deltalight with the range Evening, Foscarini with the Gregg, Marset with the Ginger, Normann Copenhagen with the Amp or Faro with the Art, the Mist or Liz.


The Scandinavian style


The Scandinavian style is the most popular trend of the moment. It is a particularly simple, functional, natural style with an undeniably warm note.

To create an atmosphere of well-being and conviviality, this style is associated with colors such as white or blue, but also towards pastel tones, which reflect the light well, whether natural or artificial.

We find this style at Northern Design with the Bell, Dokka or Acorn suspensions, at Normann Copenhagen with the Bell and the Grant, at Tom Dixon with the Beat Collection.

The Scandinavian style is also known for its use of wood. We find this use in the Finnish brand Secto Design with models like the 4200.

The return of glass


Glass is once again becoming a trendy material for your hanging lamps. In addition to classic brands like Vistosi (Peggy, Futura…) or De Majo specialized in glassware, some brands offer glass designs like Tom Dixon with the Melt in blown glass, Deltalight with the Miles and the Gibbo, Ferm Living with an Opal Shade suspension, Artémide with the Castore.