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Lighting Controls and Fittings

In addition to the treatment of the lighting of our projects, we offer our know-how in terms of lighting equipment and controls.


Indeed, in order to ensure consistency between the design of the luminaires and their controls, we also distribute the switchgear by proposing several brands specialising in simple controls (ON/OFF switches, electrical sockets, etc.) but also in home automation systems (KNX, proprietary systems)


Our training courses allow us to dimension and program the lighting control part of our projects ourselves.

Depending on each project and the corresponding budget, we offer several materials and finishes for fittings and several control systems. Our range extends from the classic switch in resin finish to a superior range in tactile finish in brass and other noble steels.


Finally, as part of our home automation studies, we propose a “smart house” system with control via a wall-mounted touch panel and smartphone application for control inside and outside the premises.

For more information, we remain available to inform you and accompany you in the realization of your projects, do not hesitate todo not hesitate to contact us!