5 tips to brighten up your bathroom !

Good lighting in the bathroom must combine efficiency and well-being, all the more so because this room often lacks natural light, so it is important to take care of its brightness. That’s why LM5P – Le Mouton à 5 Pattes reveals 5 tips to brighten up your bathroom !

Tip n°1

To begin with, it is important to know that the lighting in your bathroom is divided into two parts, that of the room and that of the mirror. Indeed, to regain a cocooning spirit, we recommend choosing warm lighting.


Tip n°2

As far as the mirror part is concerned, we recommend initially opting for wall lights or an illuminated mirror in order to create horizontal lighting. In addition, ceiling lights such as spotlights or a suspension lamp can be used to direct vertical lighting. The interest is to erase the shadows on the face, useful when you want to apply make-up.


Tip n°3

Still on the subject of mirrors, the secret is to favour a neutral lighting atmosphere in order to improve colour rendering. That way, a red lipstick will look brighter!


Tip n°4

For the lighting of showers and baths, in order to avoid a feeling of glare, the trick is to direct the light towards the wall on which the shower or bathtub is attached, thus reproducing indirect lighting.


Tip n°5

The last piece of advice concerns the choice of your lighting fixtures, as it is important that they are suitable for bathrooms, as not all of them are compatible due to humidity. We therefore advise you to choose them watertight, in which case the bulb will burn out and the lamp will be quickly damaged.